Friday, December 29, 2017

Encaustic Monoprints

Monotype 4, 2017
Starting in 2017, my work has been focused on the encaustic monotype, a relatively new process offering unique qualities not achievable through other printmaking or encaustic painting methods. One of the joys of encaustic monotype (monoprint) is that if offers endless possibilities. Working directly on a heated surface, fluid layers of encaustic can be applied, manipulated and reworked to create a singular print of depth, translucency and complex color.

Monotype 14, 2017
Monotype 21, 2017

Monotype 22, 2017

Monotype 39, 2017

Monotype 40, 2017

Monotype 52, 2017

Monotype 56, 2017

Monotype 70, 2017

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